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Feb. 12th, 2011

Witchery-Night Goddess



I keep having this....itching feeling about...needing _something_ in order for other things to come together, and I finally figured it out.

I want to design a Priestess outfit for my rituals. Cloak, gown, the whole nine yards. I know I shoulda done it before, but I kept seeing things thinking something would strike me, and nothing ever came together.

But if I sat down, and actually drew it out, THEN i'd know :D

Any of ya'll have an outfit? or an idea of an outfit? or something you REALLY want to implement to help?

Feb. 1st, 2011

ichihime kiss


House Blessing

Evening all! I am looking for a good but simple house/apartment blessing for my new place. I do have some sage which I was wonder what is the best way to put out sage without damaging it? I am grateful for any help you can offer =-D

Jan. 31st, 2011

made of thread and patches


A request of sorts


I'm new here and fail at intro posts, so I'm just going to jump to the chase.

I'm in a religious studies class and I need to write a two to three page paper on any ritual of my choosing from any religion. I want to do a pagan ritual, but the research needs to be from four sources with a minimum of ten pages. So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

This group looks fascinating, though, so there's more to this than just my request.

Please and thank you.
Witchery-Night Goddess


Moonlight Way: Lupercalia (Feb. 14th)

Any of ya'll remember a couple of years ago, I posted an entry about how valentines day was werewolf and blood day originally and then there was this HUGE stink from some folks about this that or the other.

Well, at the time, I think I remember reading about something else, but now that i've been reading up on Lupercalia, I'm pretty sure this was the original holiday.

It's mainly about praising the She-Wolf Lupa who fosters the two leaders of Rome, Romulus and Remus. It's also a praising of faunus, or Pan, the half man half goat God.

Some of the activities back then were sacrificing a a dog and two goats. Then the worshippers would anoint themselves in the sacrificial blood, cut off flanks and pieces of meat for the feast, as well as taking the "thongs" of the meat and running naked through the streets (the men would anyway) and the women would jump out and purposefully get hit by the meat which would help with child birthing, and to help barren women become pregnant, and allow for better fertility.

This holiday was celebrated from Feb. 13-15th. the 14th is in there, and i'm not saying Valentines day tried to erase it, but that was and is an ancient holiday for some.

Actually, the ones who still participate are the Stregheria, or Italian Witches.

In my attempt to.....update the ritual, since Stregheria is technically a hereditary craft, I've decided to work my own stuff into the holiday.

After reading about it, I decided that it was the perfect holiday for me and Goat. "She-Wolf" and Faunus.

My plan is to mix it and candlemas together and toss Valentines day out completely.

I've got a Wolf Candle holder from Windstone coming, (tho a birdy tells me another wolfy like statue might be in my future, which i assure you, would find a place :P) and we've got enough goats around here i don't need anything.

so what we're going to do, is light a whole bunch of candles. I'm going to pick up two steaks (for the She-Wolf portion, and separate some as an offering) and some greens. we're thinking spinach salad and green beans/peas (small portion as an offering too)

we're going to light a whole bunch of candles and have our holiday together. there will be other....stuff, but we won't go there lol. There will also be some prayers as well as a candle lit for Diana.

My matron Goddesses are Diana, Selene, Hecate and Aradia. This also being a sabat for the coming of spring, Diana, with her bow and stag, would be perfect to usher in the season.

The other thing that fell into place is that Feb. 14 falls on a Monday, or Moon Day ;) which I find highly appropriate when dealing with wolves!

Jan. 29th, 2011

Witchery-Night Goddess


Lupercalia (Feb 13- 15th or February 2)

Lupercalia is one of the most ancient Roman Pagan festivals, a rite celebrated every year in honor of Lupercus, the god of fertility. Lupercalia is a very ancient, possibly pre-Roman Stregan festival, observed on February 13 through 15 to avert evil spirits and purify the city, releasing health and fertility. In Roman mythology, Lupercus is a god sometimes identified with the Roman god Faunus, who is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Pan.

The Lupercalia festival was partly in honor of Lupa, the she-wolf who suckled the infant orphans, Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, explaining the name of the festival, Lupercalia, or "Wolf Festival." The festival was celebrated near the cave of Lupercal on the Palatine Hill (the central hill where Rome was traditionally founded) , to expiate and purify new life in the Spring. The Lupercal cave, which had fallen into a state of decay, was rebuilt by Augustus; the celebration of the festival had been maintained, as we know from the famous occurrence of it in 44 BC. A highly decorated cavern 50 feet (15 m) below Augustus' palace in the correct approximate location was discovered by archeologists in October 2007, which may prove to be the Lupercal cave when analyzed.

This holiday is based off of Italian Witchcraft, also known as Strega, or Stregheria (which is the path i'm currently going)
Witchery-Night Goddess


Imbolc/Candlemas (Feb 1 - 2)

Celebrating: The coming of Spring
Goddess/God: Brigid (Goddess of Fire and Fertility) or Mihr (God of Fire)
Theme: New Beginnings/Birth to Creativity

(source: http://www.schooloftheseasons.com/candlemas.html)

Imbolc and Candlemas are a time of purification and renewal. It is also a good time for creativity to be shared.

For Imbolc, one practice that is shared is putting out a loaf of grain bread for the Goddess and some corn for her cow. For Candlemas, sit around the fire and reflect on your hopes for the coming year. What do you hope to accomplish? What are you passionate about? What seeds do you wish to plant? Discuss these ideas with others or write them down in a journal but make them concrete in some way so that on Lammas (August 2nd, the festival of the first harvest), you can look back to see what progress you’ve made.

For those of you who have celebrated or plan on celebrating, what have you done in the past? Or what do you plan to do this year?
Witchery-Night Goddess


Community Activity

I'm not shaming anyone for lack of activity, but I am wondering what you all would like to see, or have happen to make it more interesting around here. Today while me and him were cleaning I was thinking of a few things:

1.) I like the book reading and reviews, but I get the feeling it's not something everyone is interested in. Especially, if you're like me, if it's not something you particularly want to do, you have a hard time reading. For instance, I put down that official book we were supposed to be reading and picked up my "Ways of the Strega" which is the definite path I want to take.

I'm still willing to do it for those interested, but i'm wondering if the quarterly projects could be changed to something that's more interactive with the members? Like swaps or art projects?

2.) Making a facebook group. I know there's still folks who prefer LJ, but I know a lot of the reason this place goes quiet is most of us use Facebook and get postings on there through our phones or just in general.

3.) opening up to and making it public for others to join. This might help get this place more active and take the limelight off folks who want to post. Part of me wonders if it's like...where you have a class of five and the teach asks something and no one wants to answer because there's so few of them. In this case, there's so few of us that no one wants to post?

Again, none of this is in anger or being snarky, I just want to know what needs to be done to help everyone open up and get it flowing. I am most assuredly as new to this as you all, and i'd love to see more posts with questions and answers.

What would you all say to a swap? Like a themed swap where we gather or make things for our partner and then mail it to each other? I was thinking this could be our quarterly bit because that would give us three months to complete and hopefully enough time.

Our monthly thing, well, as you know I was going to assign sabats to people, but there were only a couple interested. As I figured this was a learning curve type of place, I might start posting them and the esbats and then letting you all add on anything you've found, or provide links so you all can go look for yourselves.

The main purpose of this place is not only to help people find their path, but to encourage people who're taking those paths and being positive influences where you normally would have none.

Jan. 27th, 2011

Witchery-I am a Witch


Witchcraft video's

Youtube does have _some_ so far this one:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHvE2UaI1VE&feature=related (it's a series)

and this one:

doesn't touch much on the "history" on the first, but i'm watching the second to see what it's like.


Thinking out loud

Not being happy with the History of witchcraft book, I have to wonder if there isn't something online we could watch or get to get a better idea. Tried going to youtube, but work network (they have an open wireless signal) is slow and won't load, so i'll have to try when I get home.

anyone else want to snoop around and look for something?

also been thinking about other things, like Ostara. For those of you who've celebrated before, what did you do?

Jan. 26th, 2011

Witchery-Greek Goddess Statues


History of Witchcraft

how far is everyone? what do you think so far?

i'm honestly having a hard time reading it. it's not that it's not interesting, it's just my mind has a hard time with the backwards and forwards of explanations. call me simple or slow, but part of me wishes there was something in a movie format or something more visual than reading text.

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