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I'm not shaming anyone for lack of activity, but I am wondering what you all would like to see, or have happen to make it more interesting around here. Today while me and him were cleaning I was thinking of a few things:

1.) I like the book reading and reviews, but I get the feeling it's not something everyone is interested in. Especially, if you're like me, if it's not something you particularly want to do, you have a hard time reading. For instance, I put down that official book we were supposed to be reading and picked up my "Ways of the Strega" which is the definite path I want to take.

I'm still willing to do it for those interested, but i'm wondering if the quarterly projects could be changed to something that's more interactive with the members? Like swaps or art projects?

2.) Making a facebook group. I know there's still folks who prefer LJ, but I know a lot of the reason this place goes quiet is most of us use Facebook and get postings on there through our phones or just in general.

3.) opening up to and making it public for others to join. This might help get this place more active and take the limelight off folks who want to post. Part of me wonders if it's like...where you have a class of five and the teach asks something and no one wants to answer because there's so few of them. In this case, there's so few of us that no one wants to post?

Again, none of this is in anger or being snarky, I just want to know what needs to be done to help everyone open up and get it flowing. I am most assuredly as new to this as you all, and i'd love to see more posts with questions and answers.

What would you all say to a swap? Like a themed swap where we gather or make things for our partner and then mail it to each other? I was thinking this could be our quarterly bit because that would give us three months to complete and hopefully enough time.

Our monthly thing, well, as you know I was going to assign sabats to people, but there were only a couple interested. As I figured this was a learning curve type of place, I might start posting them and the esbats and then letting you all add on anything you've found, or provide links so you all can go look for yourselves.

The main purpose of this place is not only to help people find their path, but to encourage people who're taking those paths and being positive influences where you normally would have none.


Not gonna lie with all the crap going on lately I haven't been active which is very bad on my part and I am getting past that with the move and job which is uber. If only there was a way better app for LJ on my phone it would be nice gotta say FB is way easier to check. So that being said I am so not opposed to having an FB page that we can use like we do for LJ or just a group FB page that's social that we can yack on. Also opening the group up could be a good thing in that it allows for us to expand our knowledge base. The swap sounds fun and I think we would all have fun with it.

February 2011

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