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The Oracle's Song

Magick & Learning

The Oracles Song: Magick and Learning
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The Oracles Song

Statement of Purpose: Magickal people gathered to teach and to share, to learn and to grow. No one is ever above another, we are all here as one. In our numbers, we will find our path along the way.
Calling Quarters

Every three months we will pick one book for anyone interested, to read and then share our thoughts, ideas and questions.

The Next Quarter Will Be: October 1st
Info here: http://community.livejournal.com/oracles_song/3099.html


Each month will have a different theme. Mainly it will be the Sabbats, or Esbats. When that cycle is done, we will chose something different, or the same, but a different topic.

The Next Monthly Workshop will be: October 1st.
Info here: http://community.livejournal.com/oracles_song/3374.html


Each week, we will be given a prompt. You do not have to participate, but it is encouraged in order to learn what we have yet to experience.

Weekly Prompts will start on Monday.
Current Weekly Prompt: Here
The next Weekly prompt will be: August, 16th

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